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Re: [tor-talk] Idiotical abuses against Tor-servers


2011/9/22 Orionjur Tor-admin <tor-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Periodically, about one time in a half of year, some people posts an
> abuses against my Tor-server which seems as idiotical.
> To days ago my vds-provider received the next abuse report:
>> Von: rip@xxxxxxxxxx [rip@xxxxxxxxxx]

Just for your information: We at torservers.net are getting several of
this reports per day (about 10-20), we tried to explain what Tor is,
how they could recognize Tor traffic and that we could, if they want
it, exclude their IPs from our Exit Nodes.
They didn't reply to that.
A few weeks afterwards we asked, wether they could stop their reports
for our IPs, they just replied "[We] think the TOR activity from your
network is highly suspicious and you should do something about it."

Since that, we're ignoring their reports, and nothing more has happened.

I think they're automatically spamming like BayTSP, and deserve to be ignored.
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