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Re: [tor-talk] Idiotical abuses against Tor-servers

On 22/09/11 06:20, Orionjur Tor-admin wrote:

> But it is so strange - if they don't want that anybody connect them
> through the Tor, what is the problem to blacklist the list of Tor-exits?
> Why they mean that it needs to post abuses?
> Maybe it is a latent action against Tor-net in whole? Or it is simply an
> idiocy of their system administrators?

To summarise what the other posters have said;

* Somebody has used Tor to scrape/mirror the site.
* This has triggered a script which, instead of rate limiting your IP,
blocks it and sends an automatic abuse email.
* They don't know/understand Tor; it's not an anti-Tor thing.
* Don't panic.

Their page describes itself as "open product catalog for free
distribution". Not very free if they block scrapers...



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