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Re: [tor-talk] New Browser bundle

On 21/09/11 10:33, Achter Lieber wrote:
>  If I 'start the Tor browser', it will connect but in order to disable those settings I have to
>  change them and then restart the Tor again. Doesn't this show that I am using Tor and
>  where I am? I live in a country where using any sort of proxy is illegal and risking having to
>  speak with people whose logic is quite different than my culture is not something I look forward
>  to.

Simply starting a browser with JS or cookies enabled will not
automatically disclose your identity. They do however provide a
mechanism by which it can occur. If you haven't visited any websites yet
then you can safely turn off the undesired features without being

You should be aware that neither Tor nor any other proxy can guarantee
you 100% anonymity. You will need to take care not to compromise
yourself, especially if you believe you are being actively watched. If
you are connecting to a public relay then it will be obvious that you
are using Tor; finding a bridge in your own region may be the safest
course of action.


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