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[tor-talk] New Browser bundle


Have I missed something? The new Browser Bundle for Windows shows the
browser to be Aurora and not Firefox?

Also, and the following has been consistent with every new version of Tor I have downloaded:
_javascript_ and Cookies are all enabled. Why is this?

I thought that having both disabled was better for anonymity, and perhaps safety too.

If I 'start the Tor browser', it will connect but in order to disable those settings I have to
change them and then restart the Tor again. Doesn't this show that I am using Tor and
where I am? I live in a country where using any sort of proxy is illegal and risking having to
speak with people whose logic is quite different than my culture is not something I look forward

There doesn't seem to be a Tor server in this part of the world so I am shhhh outta luck for
finding someone to help me with Tor.


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