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Re: [tor-talk] Mac?

On 09/09/11 12:43, Andre Risling wrote:
> I've forgotten already if someone answered this....but with the 
> free WiFi connections do they typically get your MAC address?

Any router you connect to knows your MAC address. That's a necessary
part of how the network works. It isn't propagated further than that,
i.e. webservers won't know it. *But* the router itself can log it,
thereby recording that your computer was there, which could be taken to
imply that so were you.

> If I were trying to hide my mac address, no matter where I am, I have to
> assume my real mac address would go out over the web or to the router
> before I could change my address.
> Is that correct?

Your MAC address will not be broadcast over the Internet. It will be
known to a router, but only once you connect to the network. If you want
to manually set your address each time then you'll need to ensure that
"Connect automatically" isn't checked in the connection settings.

Be aware that the default MAC assigned to your network interface isn't
random. As with most things in computing there is a predefined format,
and an unusual or malformed address may cause you technical problems or
draw attention. If you're unsure of what you're doing, consider using a
tool such as macchanger (sudo apt-get install macchanger) which will
take care of picking a plausible address for you.


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