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Re: [tor-talk] Mac?


> I've noticed in Ubuntu that when the computer is booted up and before I
> connect to the web the computer needs the "keyring" password.  No matter
> whether I try to change my  mac address that stupid keyring thing won't
> let me do anything until it gets the "answer it wants".  So the password
> is entered and the computer connects the web (actually just to the
> router to get the wireless signal) and then I change the MAC address.
> If I were trying to hide my mac address, no matter where I am, I have to
> assume my real mac address would go out over the web or to the router
> before I could change my address.

You can use the software macchanger and script it to have different
MAC address each time you boot up.
Most networks are running DHCP and thus this is unlikely to affect
your computing.

Koh Choon Lin
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