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Re: [tor-talk] using TOR without any browser

On 23/09/11 01:02, kamyar beigi wrote:
> I want to know if i would not use any browser , how could i use TOR to
> establish a secure connection?

If you're running Tor as shipped (i.e. you've not modified the config)
then you can tell applications to use a SOCKS proxy on localhost port
9050. If you're running polipo then you might also have use of an HTTP
proxy on port 8123.

Tor itself isn't going to give you a secure connection though. It
assists (a lot) with anonymity, but otherwise is only as secure as the
protocol you use. If you use a plain text protocol (e.g. telnet) then
your traffic can still be snooped. You need to use encryption *as well
as* Tor if you want security.

I'm sorry if the above seems too technical. Unfortunately both security
and anonymity require some understanding of how things work. NB. You
haven't said what system you're using. I'm a Linux user.


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