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Re: [tor-talk] using TOR without any browser

On 23/09/11 09:32, kamyar beigi wrote:
> Julien, i want to use BackTrack and i need anonymity when using "Command
> Prompt" , for example "apt-get" or "wget " ,etc.
> what should i do now?

I have no personal experience of BackTrack, but I know that it is aimed
at users with a high level of skill and experience. Please don't take
offence, but if you don't have that experience then this list is not
appropriate for bringing you up to that level. Please note also that I
am not a Tor developer, just a user like you.

Details of the repositories can be found here:

You need to the Debian repository to your sources.list. Alternatively,
build Tor from source.

Both apt-get and wget can be told to use a proxy; I gave you the
information you need in my previous reply. Tor provides only a SOCKS
interface. If you use applications that require an HTTP proxy then you
will have to provide one; polipo is a good choice and is most likely in
your distribution's repository.

An alternative method is to use torsocks, which again should be in your
repository. Install it and read its manpage for more information.

Note that you won't get good performance using apt over Tor. Ask
yourself if you really need to. Also note that applications (even
command line ones) can leak your identity in very subtle ways. Tor is
only a tool, not a magic wand.

You will find more information on the Tor website.



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