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[tor-talk] Tor as a sort of "library/dependancy" for third party software

Hi all,

at GlobaLeaks (http://globaleaks.org) we are discussing whenever to plan
for a GlobaLeaks Desktop application that would allow secure and
anonymous whistleblowing submission without using a 'web interface'.

In such context we would like to provide something *really easy* and
that means bundling everything into a single, portable, digitally signed
.exe .

To do that we would need to bundle Tor binaries/configuration along with
GlobaLeaks application.

Are there other third party application bundling Tor together that we
can look at?

Which would the best/right way to do it?


p.s. The alternative to provide the same degree of security/usability is
to use a Java Applet with file upload+file encryption+silvertunnel as a
Tor Client layer.
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