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Re: [tor-talk] Tor as a sort of "library/dependancy" for third party software

On 9/28/2011 8:35 AM, Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) wrote:
Hi all,

at GlobaLeaks (http://globaleaks.org) we are discussing whenever to plan
for a GlobaLeaks Desktop application that would allow secure and
anonymous whistleblowing submission without using a 'web interface'.

In such context we would like to provide something *really easy* and
that means bundling everything into a single, portable, digitally signed
.exe .

To do that we would need to bundle Tor binaries/configuration along with
GlobaLeaks application.

Are there other third party application bundling Tor together that we
can look at?

Which would the best/right way to do it?


p.s. The alternative to provide the same degree of security/usability is
to use a Java Applet with file upload+file encryption+silvertunnel as a
Tor Client layer.
I'm curious (& forgive my ignorance), but what kind / situation of whistle blower do you mean that would use this application? One kind of whistle blower would HAVE to make their identity known (like some corporate settings), unless they were reporting it to entities outside the corp (media). If reporting to outside entities, can't you just write an anonymous letter? If really paranoid, wear gloves while doing it.

And perhaps it's to report some gov't misconduct. If reporting TO a gov't, write letter, wad paper, throw in trash & save a stamp. If reporting to some media they probably don't care if it's this type communication, anonymous email or anonymous letter / phone call. I probably have missed the target audience for this type app, where nothing that already exists would be as good, & that's why I asked.

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