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Re: [tor-talk] scaling .onion site?

> if i have built some popular onion site and it reaches max of server what
> methods can be used to scale it? is it different than non-onion site?
> does anyone build hidden service site that is so popular yet? has some
> guide been written?

I'm going to assume you're referring to web (HTTP/HTTPs) traffic and not
some other form of TCP traffic, though the approaches will likely be very

There's a lot you can read up on with regards to scaling a "traditional
web site" that would apply to a popular .onion site.

For example, if the problem is you need to add additional web serving
capacity, you could move the private key for the .onion site to another
host to act as the load balancer using either HAProxy or nginx. This would
allow you to use one or more web servers behind that load balancer.

I decided to create a (hopefully) simple guide to help you here:

Outside of connecting the Tor Hidden Service configuration to the load
balancer, a lot of what consists of "scaling a site" is going to be
identical to what you will find on the internet if you search for guides
on scaling Apache, etc. (DB optimization, caching ,etc).

I hope this helps.

- warms0x
xmpp: warms0x@xxxxxxxxxx
http: http://warms0x.github.com

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