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Re: [tor-talk] Tor is out

>     - Log fewer lines at level "notice" about our OpenSSL and Libevent
>       versions and capabilities when everything is going right.

The version confirmation was handy when you're compiling
static and want to know what actually made it into the binary
without using strings. Doesn't matter to me.

>     - Directory authorities no long accept descriptors for any version of
>       Tor before, or for any 0.2.3 release before
>       These versions are insecure, unsupported, or both.

>     - Now that all versions before 0.2.2.x are disallowed, we no longer
>       need to work around their missing features. Thus we can remove a
>       bunch of compatibility code.

Don't be afraid of flag days it if makes life easier, less buggy or more secure.
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