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[tor-talk] Tor is out

Tor enables port forwarding for pluggable transports,
raises the default rate limiting even more, and makes the bootstrapping
log messages less noisy.


(Packages coming eventually.)

Changes in version - 2012-09-10
  o Major features:
    - Automatically forward the TCP ports of pluggable transport
      proxies using tor-fw-helper if PortForwarding is enabled. Implements
      ticket 4567.

  o Major bugfixes:
    - Raise the default BandwidthRate/BandwidthBurst values from 5MB/10MB
      to 1GB/1GB. The previous defaults were intended to be "basically
      infinite", but it turns out they're now limiting our 100mbit+
      relays and bridges. Fixes bug 6605; bugfix on (the
      last time we raised it).

  o Minor features:
    - Detect when we're running with a version of OpenSSL other than the
      one we compiled with. This has occasionally given people hard-to-
      track-down errors.
    - Log fewer lines at level "notice" about our OpenSSL and Libevent
      versions and capabilities when everything is going right. Resolves
      part of ticket 6736.
    - Directory authorities no long accept descriptors for any version of
      Tor before, or for any 0.2.3 release before
      These versions are insecure, unsupported, or both. Implements
      ticket 6789.

  o Minor bugfixes:
    - Rename the (internal-use-only) UsingTestingNetworkDefaults option
      to start with a triple-underscore so the controller won't touch it.
      Patch by Meejah. Fixes bug 3155. Bugfix on
    - Avoid segfault when starting up having run with an extremely old
      version of Tor and parsing its state file. Fixes bug 6801; bugfix
    - Rename the (testing-use-only) _UseFilteringSSLBufferevents option
      so it doesn't start with _. Fixes bug 3155. Bugfix on
    - Don't follow the NULL pointer if microdescriptor generation fails.
      (This does not appear to be triggerable, but it's best to be safe.)
      Found by "f. tp.". Fixes bug 6797; bugfix on
    - Fix mis-declared dependencies on src/common/crypto.c and
      src/or/tor_main.c that could break out-of-tree builds under some
      circumstances. Fixes bug 6778; bugfix on
    - Avoid a warning when building common_sha1.i out of tree. Fixes bug
      6778; bugfix on
    - Fix a harmless (in this case) build warning for implicitly
      converting a strlen() to an int. Bugfix on

  o Removed features:
    - Now that all versions before 0.2.2.x are disallowed, we no longer
      need to work around their missing features. Thus we can remove a
      bunch of compatibility code.

  o Code refactoring:
    - Tweak tor-fw-helper to accept an arbitrary amount of arbitrary
      TCP ports to forward. In the past it only accepted two ports:
      the ORPort and the DirPort.

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