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Re: [tor-talk] apparent error in TBB 2.2..38-2

Thanks, Sebastian. Yes, editing the comment lines out in notepad
eliminates the error msg. Should have thought to try that myself.
 - eliaz

On 9/12/2012 1:41 PM, Sebastian G. <bastik.tor> wrote:
> eliaz:
>> Since loading TBB ver. 2.2.38-2, I notice that when I open & then try to
>> close torrc in Vidalia I get an 'Error at line one: "" ' message. This
>> only happens when I attempt to close the editing window by clicking on
>> OK; when I click on the upper right 'x' the editing window closes as it
>> should. The contents of the bridge torrc are exactly the same as when I
>> ran the bridge in previous versions of the TBB and previous
>> configurations of my machine. The bundle runs fine as a client, but I
>> still get the annoying error msg when inspecting torrc. I've downloaded,
>> verified, and run the setup program twice. Running on Vista x64. Can
>> anyone give advice on how to deal with this error? - eliaz
> Hi,
> please see bug 6147
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/6147
> You still can edit the torrc manually (with notepad/editor).
> You can remove all comment lines from (lines starting with #) the torrc
> to save it from within Vidalia.
> There's a patch already. With status "needs-review". I'm not able to
> understand it nor am I in the position to update/change the status even
> if I would be able to review the patch.
> I assume waiting for
> a) patch getting reviewed (or knowing some who does that)
> b) getting merged into Vidalia (hopefully 0.2.19)
> c) bundles get updated and include the patched Vidalia
> is the only way to deal with it.
> Regards,
> bastik.tor
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