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Re: [tor-talk] apparent error in TBB 2.2..38-2

> Since loading TBB ver. 2.2.38-2, I notice that when I open & then try to
> close torrc in Vidalia I get an 'Error at line one: "" ' message. This
> only happens when I attempt to close the editing window by clicking on
> OK; when I click on the upper right 'x' the editing window closes as it
> should. The contents of the bridge torrc are exactly the same as when I
> ran the bridge in previous versions of the TBB and previous
> configurations of my machine. The bundle runs fine as a client, but I
> still get the annoying error msg when inspecting torrc. I've downloaded,
> verified, and run the setup program twice. Running on Vista x64. Can
> anyone give advice on how to deal with this error? - eliaz


please see bug 6147


You still can edit the torrc manually (with notepad/editor).

You can remove all comment lines from (lines starting with #) the torrc
to save it from within Vidalia.

There's a patch already. With status "needs-review". I'm not able to
understand it nor am I in the position to update/change the status even
if I would be able to review the patch.

I assume waiting for
a) patch getting reviewed (or knowing some who does that)
b) getting merged into Vidalia (hopefully 0.2.19)
c) bundles get updated and include the patched Vidalia
is the only way to deal with it.


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