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Re: [tor-talk] how to know which IP(host) a TOR client is using as tor nodes?

esolve esolve:
> Generally there are three TOR nodes are being used by a TOR client, entry,
> middle and the exit
> where can I find the IPs of these three TOR nodes

In the case you want to know what IP addresses you connected to to build
a circuit. you can do this:

Open Vidalia, then click on "View the Network". You should see
"Connection" and "Status" below a map. Click on any circuit to see their
properties, which includes their IPs. (Please note that there's a bug
that makes Vidalia report the same uptime for all relays)

On the left you should see a relay list, where you can see where your
client could potentially connect to; in the case you are interested in
learning about the network in general.

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