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Re: [tor-talk] how to know which IP(host) a TOR client is using as tor nodes?

esolve esolve:
> ah,below  the connection-status
> there are usually 5 items, and when I click on one item, the details will
> be shown on the right, the details usually include 3 hosts.
> so this means the items are actually circuits and the 3 hosts are the
> entry, middle and exit node respectively? is it right?

I don't know if they appear in the correct order. (I just never looked
at them closely)

> when I open the TBB, a page show that my ip address appears to be
> but I cant find this ip address in the details of all circuits, what is
> wrong with this?

Circuits change over time (usually 10 minutes) so the information (IP
address) could be older.

It also can happen that exits have multiple IP addresses and the circuit
connects to one IP while the exit itself is configured to use another IP
for outbound connections.

> besides, I enabled the function of exit node to make my machine as an exit
> relay, how can I find the connections that use my machine as exit relay?

I don't know that. If anything you'll see the middle relay and where the
traffic is flowing to. I don't know if Tor is providing these
information so Vidalia could show them.

However it's indeed possible to see which relay connects to you and
where your computer is connecting to. Some firewalls may show it.

Exits aren't supposed to know much. (I'd hope the wouldn't care much)

Please note that it's not recommended to run an exit on an connection
that carries your own traffic, because you could be accused for stuff
you didn't do.

I couldn't find the general warning, but this is helpful as well.
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