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Re: [tor-talk] Hidden Services

Clearly brute forcing would be way, way out of the question just based on
sheer size. I've read about the introduction points being stored on some
type of DHT. Is it possible to access the hash table in order to pull the
necessary information for indexing the entire hidden services set? I figure
this is the TOR-talk list, this is the group of people who should be able
to tell me.

I tried sniffing my own traffic while connecting to several (10) different
hidden services pages but was pretty much unable to tell what was going on
enough to attempt to figure out where I would look to get at the hash table
I talked about.

My plan was to write a python program that would basically use TOR as a
proxy to create a definitive index of hidden services, obviously the first
step is the HOW the hell I intend to do that.
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