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[tor-talk] One answer to the bittorrent problem . . .?

Since creating your own bittorrent client would put too much strain 
the Tor network, 1 answer to the bittorrent problem would be for
project to simply create a communicator software that
communicates with some 
popular open source bittorrent client, but
handles all the communication with 
the actual PC, and then inputs
only the necessary, possibly misleading 
information to the
bittorrent client.

If this communicator software is 
installed with every Tor package,
every computer that volunteers as a routing 
point for the Tor
network would receive the bittorrent data information, and 
then the
communicator software at each routing point could simply change 
identifying information it receives, and then send out that 
information. When the data is changed by and leaves the 
routing point, it will get a response, and then change it back 
what it received from the previous computer who then changes it
back to 
what it received from the first who then changes it back to
what was 
communicated from the original machine by your
communicator software so that 
the changing credentials don't cause
confusion. The communicator software 
would take in the information
it receives, and then correct it as necessary 
and give it to the
actual bittorrent client who will then send out more 
routed through your communicator software. I only say use an 
source bittorrent client because you have access to the source
and can create your communicator software to work seamlessly
with it. Not to 
mention you must have some open-source hobbyist
friends who would like to get 
their open-source bittorrent client
more known. In fact, you could take that 
open-source bittorrent
client and even reprogram it a bit to work better with 
needs, and simply package it along with the Tor bundle 
communicator software.

I'm not sure how feasible this idea is, but 
it seems with an open-
source bittorrent client, it shouldn't be too 
difficult to create a
software to include with the Tor package that will 
facilitate the
ability to render those 3 attacks to find personal information 
torrents useless because the information that would be gotten 
them would only be whatever the communicator software changed it
before transmitting.

In short,
You say the Bittorrent client actually packages the 
original ip address right up
with the data communications? Well, if the 
communicator software
didn't give it the proper information to actually do 
that, it would
package the wrong number, or nothing. Since all 
outside of the computer is handled through the Tor 
software instead of the bittorrent client, the 
software would be able to dictate exactly what gets sent. And 
3+ other computers randomly all over the globe changing 
information each time it passed through their point, by the time 
was intercepted, nothing useful would be gotten from it. 
Communicator software could at each point facilitate 

I hope I got my ideas across thoroughly enough. If you 
have time,
please respond to let me know if you think this an idea 
looking into. I'm no programmer, so I wouldn't be able to help 
in that respect, but I can brain storm dagnabit!
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