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[tor-talk] Tor trafic bad? A necessary bad? Or good?

I keep reading on the .onion forums about the trafic and the dislike
for some *other* communities.

But, on the other hand the key to that privacy is to have more trafic.
If all guys in States do their porn shopping on clearnet and all the
guys in Iran do get their porn thorugh Tor, that could lead to less
privacy. So, if I understand things right, everybody should do their
porn or banking through Tor in order to make things harder for those

Now porn gets people's attention in both developed and underdeveloped
societies retarded by the guiding light of organised religion. Making
porn also rather close to universal. Because where in Saudi Arabia a
cartoon with Muhamad can be worse than gay porn, in UK people would
click it off to reach the latest Dilbert faster.

Anyway, which is it? Is it better to get people to go through Tor? Or
people should mind their business and only use Tor in emergencies
outlined on the project page like wistleblowing and such?

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