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[tor-talk] Almost anon real time chat

Chat would always mean less than anonymous. It puts you online in a
particular time frame. And you do have to have a user.

Yet, can it be done? So far, I gather the best option would be XMPP,
TLS and OTR. That would include people having Gmail accounts too. And
in some future, who knows, maybe Facebook people too. That's as far as
I got. Than I got stuck.

The client should work across OSs. At least Windows and Linux. Maybe
MacOSX and Android. Given the above three are known and public
standards this requirement can be replaced with different clients on
each OS. But what to chose? Only a few Jabber clients have OTR. But
they all seem to have TLS support.

Pidgin is one. But I have read about it having leaks, thus the removal
from the TBB. Jake Applebaum talked about Jitsi. Truly a Skype
replacement on steroids. Only it needs Java. And I have no idea if it
leaks. Do you know any clients built with anonymity in mind? I wish to
run something that doesn't need a reboot into a safe distro like Tails
just to shield the leaks.

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