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Re: [tor-talk] Apps which uses outgoing fixed IP-Adrs:AnyPort, forward to Exit-node Then to Internet

Bry8 Star:
> Hi, please help me to solve this:
> On Windows (XP) i have a ("Unbound") DNS Resolver Server software
> (running on, which is configured to send its TCP DNS
> queries via an "outgoing" ip address (lets say,, which is
> my (NetIntrfAdptr) Network Interface Adapter's IP address, connected to
> router/gateway then to Internet), DNS resolver is using different/random
> TCP local ports for that NetIntrfAdptr's IP address to send queries
> toward multiple different Internet DNS/nameserver(s) IP address(es) on
> their TCP port 53. This DNS resolver is configured to use(/forward
> queries to) around 40 internet DNS/nameservers for few specific and
> custom domain-names, TLDs, etc (stub/forward zone) related dns queries.
> Root zone, the ".", is configured to send/forward query on 5 different
> censorship free public DNS server(s) on internet, and those dns servers
> does not keep logs for query, usage, user-info, etc either.
> I would like to re-configure DNS resolver to perform it's all DNS
> queries via Tor socks5 proxy server. (once query answers are inside its
> cache memory then it should work very fast for other apps on this computer).
> how can i achieve this ?

You can not *directly* connect to other upstream UDP DNS servers through
Tor. This is because Tor does not support UDP.

However, TCP DNS over Tor can work.

I successfully used DNSCrypt by OpenDNS and httpsdnsd by JonDos over
Tor. Although I documented it for Whonix, it should be possible without
Whonix over Tor as well:
(Note: Whonix specific!)

You can also have a look at ttdnsd:

Alternatively you can connect to DNS servers if you tunnel UDP over Tor.
Although I documented it for Whonix, it should be possible without
Whonix over Tor as well:
(Note: Whonix specific!)

> let me put it this way ... when an app is sending its outbound network
> traffics toward a fix IP address's non-fixed different random ports,
> then how can i forward such traffic inside the tor-network so that
> traffic can connect to Internet servers from tor exit-node ?
> can *Tor* be re-configured to present an IP address (for example,
>, for inbound connections) on the local network ? so that i
> can specify that tor ip address ( inside the DNS resolver
> configuration as its outgoing IP address ?
> how to achieve this without using any other apps, other than the
> ('unbound') dns server app and the tor app ? (or by using very very less
> apps/tools).

If I understand correctly, this would be like "emule regular public
network and high id over Tor", i.e. open a server port at an exit node
and let it forward through Tor to your Tor client. Tor does not have
such a feature. It needs sender and recipient to be aware of using Tor,
can only be done with hidden services.
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