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[tor-talk] Apps which uses outgoing fixed IP-Adrs:AnyPort, forward to Exit-node Then to Internet

Hi, please help me to solve this:

On Windows (XP) i have a ("Unbound") DNS Resolver Server software
(running on, which is configured to send its TCP DNS
queries via an "outgoing" ip address (lets say,, which is
my (NetIntrfAdptr) Network Interface Adapter's IP address, connected to
router/gateway then to Internet), DNS resolver is using different/random
TCP local ports for that NetIntrfAdptr's IP address to send queries
toward multiple different Internet DNS/nameserver(s) IP address(es) on
their TCP port 53. This DNS resolver is configured to use(/forward
queries to) around 40 internet DNS/nameservers for few specific and
custom domain-names, TLDs, etc (stub/forward zone) related dns queries.
Root zone, the ".", is configured to send/forward query on 5 different
censorship free public DNS server(s) on internet, and those dns servers
does not keep logs for query, usage, user-info, etc either.

I would like to re-configure DNS resolver to perform it's all DNS
queries via Tor socks5 proxy server. (once query answers are inside its
cache memory then it should work very fast for other apps on this computer).

how can i achieve this ?

let me put it this way ... when an app is sending its outbound network
traffics toward a fix IP address's non-fixed different random ports,
then how can i forward such traffic inside the tor-network so that
traffic can connect to Internet servers from tor exit-node ?

can *Tor* be re-configured to present an IP address (for example,, for inbound connections) on the local network ? so that i
can specify that tor ip address ( inside the DNS resolver
configuration as its outgoing IP address ?

how to achieve this without using any other apps, other than the
('unbound') dns server app and the tor app ? (or by using very very less

Thanks in advance,
-- Bry8Star.
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