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Re: [tor-talk] Download videos

Sorry for mentioning about using Trial Windows.
I realized, Trial will expire even if not used or used, after 30 days,
or within 90 days with grace period(s).

But, i think (not 100% sure though), there is code given on Microsoft
site which can be used only for inside VM based Windows OS installation,
or on demo software on real computer, for the OS to work for longer time
(1 yr).

And also, some of the free end-user level/based Linux OS has reached to
a very appealing level/point/stage & much much friendlier than before
GUI desktop & apps level/stage, consider try-out & using them. If you
find one is suitable & useful for your purpose/need, then simply
contribute something to that developer(s) (group). For example: Ubuntu,
Fedora, Fuduntu, PC-BSD, etc. these sites usually has a set of further
customized version of their OS, which are even smaller or more GUI
friendly or more suitable for your purpose.

if you are a student, then ask your college to give you windows disc, it
will be free or very cheap, probably. ebay has very very cheap windows
xp home discs. sometime many other vendor has deals where they can sell
you very cheap discs if you also get some hardware from them. and as far
as i understand, any windows user is eligible to use their own existing
OS also inside a VM software on the same computer, (if you use Restore

If you like and used-to with Linux, then just install another Linux
inside VirtualBox, assign a folder on host as Shared in between host and
guest, and download your files on VM on-to the shared drive on guest,
which is the shared folder on host.

Few firefox addons which i used inside VM and TBB (related to video) are:
Ant Video Downloader, DownThemAll, Sothink Web Video Downloder,
NetVideoHunter, FVD, etc

Plugins/extensions: DivX Web Player, DivX Player Netscape plugin, VLC
web plugin, Shockwave Flash, RealPlayer G2 LiveConnect, QuickTime
plug-in, etc.

i use 'Unbound' and MaraDNS/Deadwood DNS resolver/server. created total
of four windows service, two for each of those dns-server software.
one windows service uses deadwood dns server from a folder which is
pre-configured to resolve dns thru Tor-network (using TCP DNS), and
other service starts deadwood (from another folder) and uses
direct-internet for all sites except for .onion, .i2p etc TLD/sites from
going/leaking out thru direct-internet. Same is for 'unbound' dns
server. Using "services.msc" these can be started/stopped when what i
want to.

also loaded transparent socks proxy (proxifier) software to transfer all
(TCP based) traffics inside Tor-network.

on host/main-computer's OS, i dont view/use flash video based sites via
any browser which goes thru Tor-network, when i need to see something

i have "NoScript" and "AdBlock Plus" etc addons configured on firefox to
block those automatically. Plus my firewall/security-suit app allows me
to set which software components i dont want to be used by the TBB. and
also component level filtering and rules. also create rules in firewall
on host OS, to block any outbound traffic to .onion based sites by using
direct internet or your network adapters. they must go thru tor-proxy
server/gateway/router only.

i see/get Flash videos inside the VM. i also run java stuff inside VM.
if videos not playing/appearing properly, try assigning more
computing/processing power/resources for your VM/virtualbox, so it works
better, because you need to see it Anonymously, and smoothly.

do not load junk/bloated stuff inside VM, if u need only Java, then dont
install the extra things  like toolbar/anti-virus whatever they offer.
always select 'custom' option during install, watch/read every stage,
choose carefully. disable unnecessary services inside vm.

if you have backed up the VM image, the no need to install anti-virus or
firewall inside VM, as you have backup copy of fresh source where you
can fall back to after every few weeks.

tweak & tune further both vm OS & native/host OS.

sorry for the long posting, if appears to be unrelated matters.
but these what i had to do see/get videos, Anonymously.
-- Bry8Star.

On 9/17/2012 10:53 PM, Bry8 Star wrote:
> probably safer will be if you install a VM software (may be, VirtualBox,
> there are many others), and from beginning if you install guest/VM OS
> and used such configurations (including software & hardware ids), which
> will keep "Anonymity" intact for it's user and it's host computer, then
> use firefox and your (any) addons on that to get file.
> (pay attention to alter hardware ids as well).
> install a trial windows inside a VM, configure it with your needs (lets
> say you have taken 5 days for it), after full configuration, backup the
> VM's image, so that every 30 or 60 days later you can overwrite the
> older image with the 5 days old vm image, and go back to the
> pre-configured fresh state.
> except for playing special graphics intensive games, for other purpose
> vm is suffice a better "Anonymity" tool.
> imho,
> -- Bry8Star.
> On 9/17/2012 6:02 PM, rwd@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Is the addon "unplug" safe to use with Tor for downloading videos?  That
>> is, will it (Unplug) provide anonymity?
>> Thanks.
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