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Re: [tor-talk] Download videos

On Tue, 2012-09-18 at 01:02 +0000, rwd@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Is the addon "unplug" safe to use with Tor for downloading videos?  That
> is, will it (Unplug) provide anonymity? 

Unplug is free software, so you can look at the source and see for
yourself. If you can't, maybe someone else on this list will.

My layman's impression is that as a Firefox addon, it will go through
Tor if Firefox is configured properly to use Tor.

If Unplug fails to work on a website, you can send a report to the
developers, and you can opt-in to tell them which sites you use Unplug
on, but this would also go through Tor, and how identifying it is is
based on what's actually sent. You can opt-out of this, so it doesn't
seem like an issue.

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