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[tor-talk] Putin's fascist band intend to ban the Tor

Putin's fascist junta intend to ban the Tor and other anonimous
services:  http://izvestia.ru/news/535724

"MPs claim that the adoption of legislative initiatives on which state
agencies can block access to sites containing illegal content, there is
still a lot of work in this area.

In particular, members are going to limit the use of the programs,
masking the information data and IP-address of users - anonymizers.

The fact is that if the decision of the court will be locked out of
Internet users to a particular site, the last by proxy will visit the
pages blocked site.

For example, with these programs, users in China and Belarus very well
go to those sites to which local authorities are blocking access.

In this regard, representatives of the lower house of Parliament propose
to ban the software, then there is a proxy server that is installed on
the user's computer, or browsers with built anonymizer for example
browser Tor. In addition to masking tools of deputies web servers -
standalone sites, with the help of which users can establish special
programs to pass the modified IP-address on the blocked sites.

Such amendments will be made to the Federal Law "On Information,
Information Technology and Information Security" and the law "On the
protection of children from information harmful to their health and
development," which has already undergone changes this summer and which
had been prescribed norms helping to block sites with illegal content.

According to the author of amendments to the legislation on blocking
access to sites with illegal content deputy Yaroslav Nil, the question
of a possible ban on the proxies will be discussed within the walls of
the State Duma.

- We now have a committee on information policy, information technology
and communications, and on it we will discuss the possibility and
feasibility of introducing a ban on the use of software, which can mask
the Internet - says Nilov. - It is quite logical decision after we have
amended the possibility of blocking sites containing illegal content.

According to another co-author of the laws of the blocking of websites
with illegal content - Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Sergei
Zheleznyaka parliamentarians intend to continue to shield users from
illegal content on the Web.

- Of course, the decisions that we have made in recent years in the
information security of users on the Internet, are not our latest
initiatives, - says Zheleznyak. - We're going to continue to fight the
"harmful" content of our networks, including software that allows any
way to mask Internet crime.

For breach of access to the network by the user using anonymizer could
face punishment - from blocking access to the Internet through an ISP to
a quite reasonable fines.

In addition to the legislators to ban proxy in Russia are the
representatives of some social movements. The leader of the
organization's anti-pedophile "Headhunters" by Sergey Zhuk, mostly
proxies are used to commit crimes on the Internet.

- Our organization supports the ban proxy in Russia. Around 99% of those
who use anonymizers to hide their information data to commit crimes.
Whether economic crimes on the Web, or viewing of child pornography, or
to access blocked sites - says the beetle. - Then it prevents the
investigating authorities find criminals, and probably would have been
extremely useful to prohibit the use of anonymizers.

Experts in the field of information technology argue that providers can
identify subscribers using anonymizers when visiting websites. However,
they doubt the effectiveness of measures already taken to block sites
with illegal content or that prohibit anonymizers.

CTO LETA Alexander Bondarenko points to technical problems in the
implementation of this idea.

- They have already legislated solutions to block sites containing
illegal content. But the decision to block the sites and bans on the use
of proxy are malorealizuemymi - said Bondarenko. - Technically competent
users will still find a way to circumvent the ban. As with the server
locks up, and when blocking of websites will be immediately blocked
their new mirror sites and servers. Therefore, most likely, and already
taken and planned solutions will remain formal."
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