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Re: [tor-talk] TBB equivalent for Thunderbird?

> I see TorBirdy is readily available. But that might mean a system wide
> instance of Thunderbird. For Windows the solution is just a clean
> version of Thunderbird provided by PortableApps.com and TorBirdy, maybe
> downloaded via Tor/TBB. What about Linux? I could not find the
> equivalent PortableApps.Linux.

We'd love to provide this and in fact, we'd be able to provide a safer
Thunderbird for Tor usage as our patches would be included. The downside
is that Tor usage is not the only thing that matters - updates of all
kinds will need to be tracked and kept in line with upstream.

It is a lot of effort to make TBB and to make a Thunderbird version,
keeping it updated and so on - it would require a lot of thinking on our
part. I think without Thandy, I fear that it would be a nightmare.

Perhaps there is some way to adapt Mozilla's secure updating system to
give users an upgrade path? I'm not sure. I welcome any thoughts on the

Ultimately, we like the idea - so hopefully we can find a way to do it
without drowning ourselves in work on a fork of Thunderbird that isn't
required. Ideally, we'd like upstream to merge everything - heck, even
TorBirdy, and make it a simple option... :)

All the best,

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