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[tor-talk] TOR Advice?

Sieg Heil!

I think that TOR is a great software product. It allows me to host a
Nazi terrorist site completely anonymously. 

I am quite worried though. Apparently some people do not like our
opinions. Therefore I would like you to do a security scan of my

Web: http://suojeluskunta.com/forum/index.php
TOR2Web: https://v7ovl2hciwt72lqi.tor2web.org/forum/index.php
Tor: http://v7ovl2hciwt72lqi.onion/forum/index.php

Just scan as hard as you like, I won't sue you!

Does anybody know if F-Secure works in TOR? I am trying to improve the
information security of my website by installing F-Secure in my TOR. 
fsecuremies@xxxxxxxxxxx will sell me pirate F-Secure and then we will
be completely unhackable!

Meine Ehre Heisst Treue
Teuvo Savelius

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