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Re: [tor-talk] Tor and P2P

Nathan Freitas:
> On 09/26/2012 10:08 AM, meh. wrote:
>> After implementing the torchat protocol and seeing how bad it is,
>> but how nice the idea is, I started thinking it would be cool to
>> have a more general protocol for P2P use through hidden services.
> This is something we have definitely been considering as a feature or
> add-on to Orbot - essentially mobile-to-mobile file sharing,
> messaging/voice messaging via hidden services.

Since your plan differ heavily from the thread starter, I'd recommend to
sketch your plan and create a new thread if this mail will be oversight.

> While we don't need a very complex p2p design (in short, we are mostly
> just talking about simple HTTP servers running on each device, behind
> a hidden service .onion), I am concerned in the long run about
> scalability and reliability of this. It is not unheard of for apps
> that work well and do something cool to suddently have 1M+ users, and
> already are nearing half that with Orbot.

I think that would also require status reports, send, delivered, read

On cellular network the internet connection could go down for a short or
longer time. What happens to messages send when the recipient was
offline at that point? Without a server... Constantly resending the
message would be required? In which time intervals? Try to resend (the
first message) every 5 minutes, give up after 2 days and inform about
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