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Re: [tor-talk] Tor and Financial Transparency

>that being said, yea, there is a problem with the global passive
>adversary that we have to assume NSA and "friends" to be. and i don't
>really see a viable technical solution so far. not saying there aren't
>any, mind you.

First of, I'll admit to not being as technically as savvy as most of
you, but I've recently seen a copy of Liberte Linux 2012.3 and this
claims that ALL connections a torrified and this is what I'm after in
an anonymity set of software.

Those guys use the Tor software, so it definately means there's a
meeting of minds to extend Tor. Apart from the same banner as Anonymous
(which the anons may or may not have purloined from Liberte Linux), it
looks like a sturdier piece of work than, say, Tor added through
Vidalia to Icecat or Iceweasel alone.

In the UK, we have suffered the same snooping on our online presence
through GCHQ, so we users have a common purpose in coming up with that
'viable technical solution' of which you speak.  Its not only the USA
that this affects.

Are the guys behind Liberte Linux a group you could work with? And if
not, why not?

++ Graham Todd
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