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Re: [tor-talk] Tor and Financial Transparency

Graham Todd:
> First of, I'll admit to not being as technically as savvy as most of
> you, but I've recently seen a copy of Liberte Linux 2012.3 and this
> claims that ALL connections a torrified and this is what I'm after in
> an anonymity set of software.

You may be interested in Whonix (self-ad) which also torifies all
connections or Tails, an amnesic live system build around Tor, and other
projects you can find in various lists and torproject wiki.

> Those guys use the Tor software, so it definately means there's a
> meeting of minds to extend Tor.
> Are the guys behind Liberte Linux a group you could work with?

Maxim Kammerer is behind Liberte Linux.

> And if
> not, why not?

Maxim Kammerer might be, although often right, a bit harsh. I personally
enjoy getting his refreshing point of his statements but think he puts
off too many people.

The Tor Project sponsors Tails (see Tails's financial report) and feel
free to look around to what extend they otherwise cooperate. (You can
see public interactions on mailing lists, maybe IRC, Tor trac once
you've learned the names of the core people. No idea how much
private/real life meeting activity exists.)

I think The Tor Project has not enough time/man power/money to grant
more support to such projects, but I can not speak for them.
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