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[tor-talk] [RELEASE] Torsocks 2.0.0-rc2

Greetings everyone!

After a week or so, the release candidate 2 is now out after receiving various
contributions for BSD and OS X support.

A quick note. Please use the Github bug tracker for any issues and *not*
trac.torproject.org. Until this code base is accepted as a potential replacement
for the old version, please use the current repository issue tracker.

Here is the ChangeLog:

2013-09-02 torsocks 2.0.0-rc2
    * Fix: remove FAQ file from Makefile
    * Fix: remove out of date and inaccurate FAQ
    * Tests: add connection object unit test
    * Fix: Improve README file
    * Tests: add onion pool subsystem unit test
    * Use extern for tsocks_libc_* in torsocks.h
    * Define LIBC_SYSCALL_ for OS X
    * Make sure __darwin__ is defined
    * Fix: explicitly ignore fileno return value
    * Use AC_CHECK_FUNC rather than AC_LINK_IFELSE.
    * Find out if we really need libdl.
    * Define LIBC_SYSCALL_ for FreeBSD.
    * Use SYS_ from <sys/syscall.h>.
    * Include <sys/socket.h> for AF_INET*.
    * Use getsockname(2) for finding out socket address family

Please continue to test, review and contribute it! :)

Tarball: https://github.com/dgoulet/torsocks/archive/v2.0.0-rc2.tar.gz

Big thanks to all contributors for that release!


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