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[tor-talk] development interests

Hello, I am an Ex 'low-level' programmer (assembler, C and C++) of many
years back -- well, nothing amazing -- officially some ~13 years ago, due
to a head injury.

As you might not know, a head injury is a programmer's career's sign of
death -- I was not interested in tech-support, etc.  I am fine, but
obviously found it near impossible to fight my way back to any reasonable

Enough of that (unless probed nicely :).

I have -- for my own reasons -- stopped advancing my OS X machine's OS at
Tiger.  I enjoy working with it and doing my small-time programming.  I
have been exposed to 'tor' in the recent past and would really like to use
it on my version of OS X.

To that end, I would like to offer my efforts in attempting to fix tor or
openssl or whatever is blocking tor from working on Tiger.  If this is
appealing to yourselves and I am successful, I would be interested in
applying myself to other development work.

David Green
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