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Re: [tor-talk] Email Clients and Tor

>I quickly checked the settings in (Sylpheed) Claws, and didn't find any
>proxy settings. But settings in the original Sylpheed are probably
>different from those in Claws.
>May my force be with you!
>/the God of thunder ;-)

It IS the same in Claws as Sylpheed, but I've wriiten to the Claws-Mail
list to ask for further edification :-)

Now this is what I have been doing.  It may not be the right way, or
the best way, but *I think* it works!

First, get the Network Proxy package running in your panel. Open it up
and put in the line for the HTTP proxy put[Port Of Your
Proxy] with the same for the Secure HTTP proxy line. This is in
System-> Preferences -> Network Proxy

On the line for the Socks host, put if you use the Tor

Finally, remove and localhost from the list of Ignored Hosts
or the whole thing won't work.

Now, when running the Tor Bundle, its best to start it running before
you fire up Claws-Mail it seems to me (though I'm willing to be
corrected). However Claws is a plain text package and you only need to
connect in HTML if you use one of the HTML plugins, or use the External
Programs option in Claws in Configuration->Preferences->Message View ->
External Programs.

There I found an entry for Firefox.  As a presumption, I took it that
the Tor Browser Bundle would be automatically fired up instead of
Firefox if I left it, but if you find that it doesn't, you may have to
try something along the lines of the Midori Private Browsing package,
or Tails, or Liberte Linux, but it seems to work OK for me.

Having said all this, if I've made a real howler of the process, I hope
somebody will correct me.

Of course, if you put a decent HOSTS file in /etc/hosts to start with,
it'll make your endeavours easier.  The best I've found is at:

http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htmbut that's not really relevent to
discussions about Tor

++ Graham Todd
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Liberté Linux 2012.3.
"Free Software, as free in free speech and freedom"

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