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Re: [tor-talk] NSA has cracked web encryption!

I presume they mean the OpenPGP standard tools, and its not
surprising.  Many of the people who posed a threat to the British and
US states have said they used it, from the IRA to the 6/7 bombers (in
London), so its only to be assumed that the top cryptographic
departments of the military would find a way round, for instance, the
Blowfish algorithm.  We must be sure that for anything but mass
surveillance, the Tor system is broadly ineffective, or the
intelligence community is not doing the job they are given.

One of the posters in your list asks: where does this take us.  The
trouble is this disclosure gives us no idea of just how far they have
begun to bring down the barriers we have tried to erect, and without
that knowledge, we cannot know how high we need to rebuild those

We need to be ever watchful and try to build the perfect barrier
(however weak our efforts) and assume that those in power have the
means to tear down the barriers in a very short time.

That doesn't mean we should stop trying, though

++ Graham Todd
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