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Re: [tor-talk] Content and popularity analysis of Tor hidden services

On 9/5/13, Asa Rossoff <asa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> - It exposes an estimate on how manny hidden services existed at the time
> of the study
> - It gives a breakdown of what services/some of the services those hidden
> services offered.
> - It categories HTTP(S) services by content type, which is interesting.
> - It describes server configuration issues that allowed easily correlating
> the shared hosting of many services
> - It describes server configuration issues that allowed easily
> deanonymizing the true IP Address of some hidden services.

Forgoing the nonpublished services largely used only by their creators,
all the above regarding the publicly known services have been going
on in the wikis and other onionland metaprojects for many years.

> The prior points are of social and historic value.
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