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Re: [tor-talk] Content and popularity analysis of Tor hidden services

>> Forgoing the nonpublished services largely used only by their creators,
>> all the above regarding the publicly known services have been going
>> on in the wikis and other onionland metaprojects for many years.

> You may be right in everything you say, but you technically omit the
> category "nonpublished services used NOT only largely by their creators but
> perhaps by groups that are not so public."  The wikis and indexes both on
> onion and the open web contain only a very small number of services in
> comparison to the sample this study collected

Nonpublished (singular user) and nonpublic (plural users) are similar
in that they don't appear on open indexes till published (or leaked).
Depending on where a public note is posted and its context, it can
take from days to months for that onion to be added to public lists.
Some of them never make it to the indexes, particularly if they're
posted deeper than the typical crawler can reach.
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