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Re: [tor-talk] Tor users are not anonymous

Various wrote:
>> > I wouldn't use TrueCrypt. Use open source tools (this includes the OS).
>> Is there a connection between the two sentences? TrueCrypt is open
>> source,
>> so why wouldn't you use it?
> If you're running a proprietary system, the weakest link will be
> likely elsewhere.
// What is your concern when using Truecrypt? Some say the Truecrypt
Project has courious licenses...

License is separate decision from code itself.
Now to code...

Can you build, from the TC source, hash identical binaries to
the TC binaries TC distributes?
If not, do downstream packagers/users build from TC source
instead of redistributing/using TC binaries?
Has anyone outside of TC reviewed, or even briefly overviewed,
current TC design and source?
Are the source/binaries written and signed by people you know/trust?
Are you using an open source community OS such as BSD
or Linux?

If any answer above is 'no', then you might not want to use it.
Though presumably it would be better than nothing and doesn't
seem to have people crying foul, just questions about it.
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