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[tor-talk] Tor users are not anonymous


two main german technology news sites are spreading news about the 
study: »Users Get Routed: Traffic Correlation on Tor by Realistic 
Adversaries« [1]

They write about 'broken anonymity' for Tor-users: 
Tor-Nutzer surfen nicht anonym - Tor users do not surf anonymously 

Tor-Benutzer leicht zu enttarnen - Tor users to easily expose

The articles are german-only - The main point was always stated by the 
Tor-devs [2], that anonymity »fails when the attacker can see both ends 
of the communications channel« - can anyone out there assess how 
serious or new this really is?


[1] http://www.ohmygodel.com/publications/usersrouted-ccs13.pdf
[2] https://www.torproject.org/docs/faq.html.en#EntryGuards
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