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Re: [tor-talk] [Fwd: My reason to stop using Tor]

Let's calm down for a second. I'm sorry you had trouble with abuse handling. However, you chose to run an exit node and got trouble with abuse handling. That's unfortunate but there were tons of warnings on the Tor web site. I can understand that this is very frustrating, but emotional driven rants against Tor don't help you out. There is a Tor relays list where you could ask operators for advice.

> And, do I want to support this kind of people?
> I fully support freedom, and privacy. But my freedom ends where other people's freedom start, and using freedom in a way other people get hurts or are abused is something I don't want to support.

You don't get to chose the people that are using you as exit node and you shouldn't. To me, that's the freedom Tor provides. There are bad guys abusing the system and there always will be.

There are people being killed with knifes. Should that make you stop selling / buying / using them?

> And I don't want to be the cover of someone else.

Then don't run an exit node. Run a relay or a bridge instead.

> So I think this project needs some changes to avoid abuse, don't know what yet, but otherwise I'm afraid it will die.

To me, this is not a technical matter that can be fixed in software. There are organizations (e.g., tor servers, CCC) out there that run exit nodes and do abuse handling. These things already exists.

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