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Re: [tor-talk] [Fwd: My reason to stop using Tor]


Computer with Ubuntu 12.04 and tor as exit node.
NATed and port redirected by a dd-wrt router connected to a fibre connection at home (just RJ-45 in the wall).

So not compromised at all, I was just used to try to contact a website (don't know which one, not revealed by my ISP), but the way was contacted that site was in a way looking for a vulnerability so the site owner contacted my provider to inform of an abuse. The attacker tried to inject some SQL query using the tor network to hide him self (and leaving my ass uncover).

Some people said, don't use your connection at home and use a server. I'm running a server too for services I want to have... but I don't want to lose that service for a demand! And paying a host just for tor... it's more than what I can afford (and why should I pay for a host so a guy can play hacking games?).
And, do I want to support this kind of people?
I fully support freedom, and privacy. But my freedom ends where other people's freedom start, and using freedom in a way other people get hurts or are abused is something I don't want to support. And I don't want to be the cover of someone else. So I think this project needs some changes to avoid abuse, don't know what yet, but otherwise I'm afraid it will die.

On 2013-09-11 23:01, BM-2D9WhbG2VeKsLCsGBTPLGwDLQyPizSqS85@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
As someone who runs a tor relay at home, is there anything you can share
about how your system was set up?

For example:
Which version of the software were you using, and on which operating system?
Were you running a relay or an exit node?
How was your network configured (e.g. was the relay/exit node behind a
router with NAT?), and were any of your other machines compromised?

Just hoping to avoid the same fate...thanks!

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Subject: [tor-talk] My reason to stop using Tor
From:    "Antonio J. Delgado"<antonio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:    Wed, September 11, 2013 12:30 pm

I just receive a letter from my ISP abuse department. Someone tried to
do some SQL injection attack using my tor node and my IP address is now
banned from a lot of services and websites (not Google or Facebook, more
important sites for me like the EU site and universities). Yes, it's not
fare, I can cry to my ISP saying that the agreement is not fare. But I
will lose. And of course there is no other option for me, than
disconnect tor.
I wanted to post this message somewhere, where persons that use tor to
hack into other system can read it, hope this is a good place. You're
killing tor, dude!
I began working with computer for knowledge, and hacking is one great
way to know more. But hacking is not what people do when they hide using
tor. This is cracking, this is not knowledge, this is not activism.
So, maybe I'm just one, but probably I'm just the one who took sometime
to post about this before closing you a door.

Antonio J. Delgado
"Desapruebo lo que usted dice, pero defender hasta la muerte que pueda
decirlo." (Evelyn Beatrice Hall citando a François Marie Arouet alias

Antonio J. Delgado
"Desapruebo lo que usted dice, pero defender hasta la muerte que pueda
decirlo." (Evelyn Beatrice Hall citando a François Marie Arouet alias
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