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[tor-talk] My reason to stop using Tor

I just receive a letter from my ISP abuse department. Someone tried to do some SQL injection attack using my tor node and my IP address is now banned from a lot of services and websites (not Google or Facebook, more important sites for me like the EU site and universities). Yes, it's not fare, I can cry to my ISP saying that the agreement is not fare. But I will lose. And of course there is no other option for me, than disconnect tor. I wanted to post this message somewhere, where persons that use tor to hack into other system can read it, hope this is a good place. You're killing tor, dude! I began working with computer for knowledge, and hacking is one great way to know more. But hacking is not what people do when they hide using tor. This is cracking, this is not knowledge, this is not activism. So, maybe I'm just one, but probably I'm just the one who took sometime to post about this before closing you a door.

Antonio J. Delgado
"Desapruebo lo que usted dice, pero defender hasta la muerte que pueda
decirlo." (Evelyn Beatrice Hall citando a François Marie Arouet alias
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