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Re: [tor-talk] What if I connect to all nsa Tor nodes?

Nathan Suchy:
> Would my traffic still be secure?
> Sent from my Android so do not expect a fast, long, or perfect response...

The answer is the same as when you asked 'how private is Tor' - what
does 'secure' mean?

The attacker would be able to identify your location and destination in
all circumstances. If you were browsing over https, they would have no
more access to the content of your traffic than if you were connecting
directly to the secure website (unless they separately found a way
around that as well).

If you were not using https, the content of your transactions would be
readable and modifiable by the attacker (as it normally is by any exit
node operator in that situation).

So if you were browsing over https (and heeded any certificate
warnings), and you were concerned only about the content of your
communications, then being attacked by all three nodes would not change
your level of security. If your definition of security includes not
having your machine associated with a list of destinations on the
internet by an observer then in this case, even with https, your traffic
would no longer be secure.

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.
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