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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy doesn't work with Gmail?

On 09/11/13 12:57, tagnaq wrote:

> I finally decided to switch to another email provider, this is my
> new email address :
> BM-2D8suxrLhg2K6H4t4TCsGrNeJQAzPxH1EZ@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Please do not use tagnaq@xxxxxxxxx anymore - thanks.

You might consider either of these options to make people aware:

1. Log in to gmail and set an autoreply that you've changed your address
and that you won't be using gmail anymore and that people have to resend
to your new address;

or more user friendly to the people who want to reach you

2. Log into gmail to set a forward to your bitmessage account. Set
auto-delete at gmail on. Configure your local mailer to set an Reply-to
header to your new address, so people will respond to the correct
address. (also notify in your signature message)

Use what you prefer.

This way you reach everyone who might have missed your address change
announcement. Otherwise, these people might get annoyed when you don't
respond to your gmail address anymore.

Both methods tell Google that their current ways are not accepted. I'm
sure they monitor how many people stop using gmail and start forwarding.
Together with the reduction in traffic.

Best not to close the gmail account entirely to prevent reuse of your
accountname by someone else. Let it die a slow death.

Cheers, Guido.

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