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[tor-talk] Does the TracBrowser work as it should?


I can't make TracBrowser show me anything in any repository, beside
folders. (not that I really need it).

For example selecting 'Tor' gives me five folders. Even if I select
'master branch' or '' they are all empty. Screen shot [1].

In Gitweb however (I have no deep relation to it and merely know what I
can do with it) shows me all the files in that repository. Screen shot [2].

If once is supposed to hit 'View changes', I'm confused. It presents a
diff generate (as it seems) and shows two paths and two revision
numbers, where both are the same. I guess one has to change the 'from'
revision to some previous revision, but I don't know any, not even the
current. Screen shot [3].

Gitweb on the other hand shows me the files and would allow me to see
diffs between its versions. I can see the commits and what has been
changed. (Not that this makes me more clueful, but I can do it)

Am I doing something wrong? (Sure I do, but most of the time there is an
outcome anyway) or doesn't the TracBrowser work yet? [yet another
Browser :) ]

For example, how can I see the change log of Tor with it?

Sebastian G.

[image host works with JS disabled, doesn't load Flash]

[1] http://postimg.org/image/4vif1qrr7/
[2] http://postimg.org/image/iy40vkk45/
[3] http://postimg.org/image/67lqg57pd/
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