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Re: [tor-talk] Help with getting a good automated sign up script for an email service on TOR

> http://eq4xhu6y7nmemcb2.onion/squirrelmail

> is almost online.  Working out some kinks and need to get the bigger MTAs
> set up.  However, I need to find a good automated sign up script because I
> don't feel like coding one.  Anyone know of a good one?  I've tried the
> Google and came up empty handed.

Rock, you can check out mine:  http://secmailmzz5xe4do.onion

I haven't had time to add a CAPTCHA yet, because I'm more interested in
working on getting mail sent to non-onion sites to use the tor network
without leaking DNS and so on.  The registration script depends on how you
are storing your login information, and there are a lot of ways to do that.
 I'm using vpopmail, and I hacked vqregister, which is mentioned in the
squirrelmail plugins page.  Vqregister is truly horrible, and I had to hack
it pretty badly to get it to work.  If you want it, though, you can have
it.  But probably you're using something else (like postfix/postfixadmin),
and so the architecture won't work for you.

This hidden mail service will probably only be useful for mail to other
.onion sites, because most large e-mail providers block e-mail from tor
exit nodes, as I found out during testing.

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