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Re: [tor-talk] development interests

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Nathan Suchy:
> Wow are you guys really going to argue over what operating system
> or version the guy uses? He just wants help getting Tor to work on
> his old operating system. Personally I think Tor should work on
> Windows 95+ Computers and should be kept light weight as
> possible... Also sorry to hear about your head injury that must be
> hard to deal with :'(

You need to see it from the other side of things as well.

While in theory something may work on many platforms, we're talking
about "support" which also requires testing. If each decade this gets
more time consuming because there's more platforms, so older ones have
to be dropped.

MacOSX is a special case as well, because the MacOSX operating system
only functions on Apple hardware. A new Mac cannot run an ancient
version of MacOSX, and likewise MacOSX cannot be legally virtualized
from another PC platform.

This means you're asking for support from a very small subsection of
Mac users, ones which have not upgraded to something newer (most would
have, as Chrome and Firefox won't work on Tiger).

A part from the fact his operating system has no vendor support
anymore - which means no security updates either.

> Sent from my Android so do not expect a fast, long, or perfect
> response... On Sep 26, 2013 1:22 AM, "scarp" <scarp@xxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> David Green:
>>>> Hello, I am an Ex 'low-level' programmer (assembler, C and
>>>> C++) of many years back -- well, nothing amazing --
>>>> officially some ~13 years ago, due to a head injury.
> Then you should be able to figure it out yourself. You probably
> won't get much help here as MacOSX Tiger users represent such a
> small market share.
> Given that Apple don't spend any time on it the tools used to
> build Tor probably won't either. It might work in theory, but don't
> expect support. That is why it is called an "unsupported" operating
> system.
> I'd rather not see the Tor Project or anyone else waste time with 
> unsupported operating systems. There are better things you could
> be doing with your time.
> If you need anonymity then you also need security. Using a system
> that has outstanding/unknown unresolved CVEs doesn't sound like a
> good idea if you want to keep your anonymity.
> If you want to be particularly conservative about updates your
> best bet is to use something like RHEL/Centos or Debian. Those
> usually have a life cycle of around 10 years.
> At the end of this year or so RHEL/Centos 7 will be out and that
> will be probably supported until 2030 or thereabouts.
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