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[tor-talk] Web of Trust, gpg vs OTR - was: Re: New GPG key for Mike Perry

Mike Perry:
> [...]
> While I dislike the Web of Trust for a number of reasons*, 
> [...]
> * Ensuing flamewars about the Web of Trust should reply only to tor-talk.
> [...]

I am not interested in a flamewars, just in hearing opinions.

What's the big deal with the Web of Trust?

It's a geeky thing, too difficult for non-computer freaks? That's what I
would say.

I find the usability of OTR a lot better. Unfortunately, there is no
easy solution to sign files or mails with OTR, it doesn't work well for
software vendors.

Wondering, can we ever get a replacement for gpg which has same
features, is at least as secure and better usability, while gpg is so
established and conservative?
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