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Re: [tor-talk] Ebay problem

On Sat, 2013-09-28 at 09:57 +0100, Graham Todd wrote: 
> I've started to find that my Ebay.co.uk account is rejecting my contact
> when Tor is running, but does not do that if I switch off Tor.
> [...] 
> Has the Tor project been made aware of this behaviour of Tor when
> connecting to Ebay.co.uk? And is there any advice to overcome this
> behaviour?

You can try to find an open HTTPS-capable proxy that Ebay hasn't blocked
and use that to hide the fact that you are using Tor from Ebay (so your
traffic first goes through Tor and then through the web proxy). Be
careful not to leak any information, though - any unencrypted traffic
will be seen both by the Tor exit node and the other proxy.


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