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Re: [tor-talk] Ebay problem

On 13-09-28 04:57 AM, Graham Todd wrote:
> I've started to find that my Ebay.co.uk account is rejecting my contact
> when Tor is running, but does not do that if I switch off Tor.

What do you mean by "when Tor is running"?  e.g.
 - connecting to Ebay.co.uk via TBB
 - running a Tor exit node on the same connection as your browser

> I can't find the reference, but I'm sure that I saw that the NSA had
> asked for, and received assurances, that details of Ebay transactions
> would be handed to the NSA.  By implication, this means that the
> information is being handed to the European police and other agencies
> via GCHQ in Cheltenham, UK.

I cannot find the reference now, but i recall back when Ebay bought
Paypal they admitted in an interview that they regularly turn over user
info to the FBI without need for a subpoena.

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